Media Company Transformation - 21st Century Media Sales Training - Cross Cultural Training - International Content Optimization- Lead Generation Database Development - Performance Based Media Strategy - International Expansion- IT & Marketing Alignment - Global Brand Building - Social, Conversational & Narcissistic Media- Engagement Marketing - International Higher Education Marketing

Seminar & Consulting Offerings for Media , Advertising, Marketing, Information Technology & Education Professionals

  • Weapons of Mass Discussion™: Deployment Strategies for Global Social Media in the Enterprise

  • Socially Awkward: Preparing for the Co-evolution of Marketing & IT

  • The Geography of Narcissism: Cross Cultural Aspects of Social Media
  • The Big Data-driven Media Company of the Future
  • Leveraging Optimized Data, Content & Conversations for Innovative Incremental Ad Revenue

  • The Global Brand Called YOU !!! - (Personal branding in the age of globalization)
  • Global Branding in 21st Century Higher Education
  • Content Strategies in an Age of  Social Networks and Conversational Media
  • Cross Cultural Aspects of Global Branding in a Wireless World
  • Socio-Cultural Aspects of Education & Learning
  • Cross Cultural Aspects of Sport in Society
  • Generational Aspects of Sport in Society
  • Rural Village Marketing and Microfinance: Global Branding Strategies for the Remote Masses in Emerging Economies
  • The Challenges of Sharing Innovation and Creativity Across Borders
  • International Database & Content Alignment Strategies For Optimized Lead Generation

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